Using Squidoo for Affiliate Marketing

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do you Squidoo?

If you’re not already aware, Squidoo can be used as a great affiliate marketing tool. Squidoo users create what they call a lens (clever word for web-page) about a particular topic. A Squidoo lens is usually about a very specific topic such as funky laptop bags or Monty Python. One affiliate has a great Squidoo lens on Beach Weddings.

The cool thing for you, the affiliate, is they allow you to link over to related offers using your affiliate links. Before you jump over and start creating your first lens, read these tips.

  • Don’t spam. We all hate it and your visitors will too. Create a lens that is first, informative and engaging. Now, compliment it with a few (did you get that? A FEW) strategic affiliate links. Don’t be a SquidSpammer.
  • Be specific. Don’t create a lens on weddings. Their is probably already thousands of those already. You can build hundreds of lenses so create a few that are targeted. My suggestions…create one about twin babies, baby shower cakes or spring weddings.
  • A Squidoo lens can get great search engine ranking. A google search for cool laptop bags will find a Squidoo lens in the # 1 spot. So, when creating your lens, do it in a way that optimizes it best for the search engines. Remember to link to your lenses from your website.
  • Have fun and be realistic! Creating a successful Squidoo lens isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job. However, over time a constant stream of lens can compliment your overall business income nicely. And remember, link back to your website from within your lens.

Still confused? No worries. Squidoo has a learning center that walks you through the whole process, SquidU.

-Jason Forthofer

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