Using Your Keywords In Your Pagenames

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Thursday, August 21, 2008

While at Affiliate Summit, one of the better sessions was by Wil Reynolds. Wil is an SEO guru and openly provides tips to better your search engine ranking. I HIGHLY recommend you watch his videos on YouTube. I've included a short one below where Wil talks about a strategy of naming your pages with the keywords you are trying to target.

We use this technique alot here. If you look at our domain names, our top keywords are in our domains.

We do the same thing with our category pages. You'll see what our targeted keywords are for these pages.

Here is Wil's opinion on this technique.

Meet With Me at Affiliate Summit East

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This weekend I will be in Boston at Affiliate Summit East. Any Shops at 24Seven affiliate that will be at the conference and would like to meet up, I'd love to sit down and share some ideas and internet marketing advice with you. E-mail me by Friday afternoon and I can schedule something with you.

-Jason Forthofer