The Free Micro Niche Finder Tutorial

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been quite awhile since I've blogged, but I promise this will be worth your read.

You hear a lot from internet marketing gurus about creating niche websites. For example, it's better to create a website focused on baby blankets than it is on baby bedding in general. Mostly the reason this is suggested is because it's going to be very difficult for your website to rank on the search engines for baby bedding, but easier for baby blankets.

However, I know too many people who have dabbled with affiliate marketing only to give up because they didn't make any money. Yes, for a lot of them, they believed all the earnings lies you get in your inbox or read on those annoying pop-ups. Any affiliate worth their salt knows it's hard work. But for most of them, it's because they throw up their first website and while it's niche-based, it's still too broad. Beginner affiliates NEED to start out small. Micro-niche. I've been doing affiliate marketing on the side for years and I still go micro-niche.

I'm an Internet Marketing Manager by day, but I do have a sizable supplemental income from my personal affiliate marketing efforts by night. So, believe me, there is no get-rich-quick formula.

Let's take a look at Corner Stork Baby Gifts and the products it sells. You could look at any of our categories and make a niche website from them. But rather than create a website where it's focus is baby blankets, these micro-niche ideas would be even better.

  • Pink Baby Blankets
  • Blue Baby Blankets
  • Chenille Baby Blankets
  • Animal Baby Blankets
  • Fleece Baby Blankets
Let's say that you created 5 different websites for the above 5 ideas. If you did your homework, worked hard and were able to do enough SEO (it wouldn't take much) to get all 5 of these websites to rank on the first page of Google. I know it would generate sales. No, not thousands per month, probably not even a hundred bucks per month. But, something. Enough to keep you motivated. Enough to where you've learned HOW to do it. You worked hard and now your seeing some of the payoff.

Now, here is why going smaller FIRST gives you a BIGGER advantage later. You've done the above and now you want to go after something more competitive. Since your a pro in the baby blanket industry now, why not build a site targeting the keyword 'baby blankets' or 'baby boy gifts'? No, that's not the BIG advantage. It's this. You now own 5 websites that you can instantly link to your new BIGGER website. All 5 websites are "trusted and relevant" in your niche. Google loves links from relevant websites...and you have control of 5 of them!

Don't miss my point. I share this with you to teach you how to think, not give you the perfect idea on which micro-niche to target. This strategy can work in almost any niche.

How to find your next micro-niche
There are all sorts of software you can buy to help you with this. Market Samurai is one. But, honestly, I don't use anything. I don't think it's that difficult. In closing, this is how I do it.

  1. Go to a website you love or have an interest in referring their products
  2. Pick a category from that website (they are usually along the left navigation)
  3. Now study that category, and break a group of those products down into another level (color, size, price point, brand, model, common features).
  4. That's your website.
This is an example of how this looks on paper.

I picked

Now I need to pick a category: Let's see...Camcorders!

Now, what should I use for my micro-niche website? can I group some of these products together? Ah, High Definition Canon Camcorders! Sweet!

I didn't even click through and view all of their camcorders. I know they have more than 3 HD camcorders and will also be releasing more. It's really that simple. Don't waste money on software.