A Great Way to Use PopShops

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MyWeddingFavors.com - I discovered one of our affiliates today that was using our PopShops feed perfectly. They have a page dedicated to Calla Lily Wedding Favors and I love how they have layed out this page and then feature all of our Calla lily favors. Check out the MyWedding Favors PopShops service: CJ - ShareASale

Using Squidoo for Affiliate Marketing

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do you Squidoo?

If you’re not already aware, Squidoo can be used as a great affiliate marketing tool. Squidoo users create what they call a lens (clever word for web-page) about a particular topic. A Squidoo lens is usually about a very specific topic such as funky laptop bags or Monty Python. One MyWeddingFavors.com affiliate has a great Squidoo lens on Beach Weddings.

The cool thing for you, the affiliate, is they allow you to link over to related offers using your affiliate links. Before you jump over and start creating your first lens, read these tips.

  • Don’t spam. We all hate it and your visitors will too. Create a lens that is first, informative and engaging. Now, compliment it with a few (did you get that? A FEW) strategic affiliate links. Don’t be a SquidSpammer.
  • Be specific. Don’t create a lens on weddings. Their is probably already thousands of those already. You can build hundreds of lenses so create a few that are targeted. My suggestions…create one about twin babies, baby shower cakes or spring weddings.
  • A Squidoo lens can get great search engine ranking. A google search for cool laptop bags will find a Squidoo lens in the # 1 spot. So, when creating your lens, do it in a way that optimizes it best for the search engines. Remember to link to your lenses from your website.
  • Have fun and be realistic! Creating a successful Squidoo lens isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job. However, over time a constant stream of lens can compliment your overall business income nicely. And remember, link back to your website from within your lens.

Still confused? No worries. Squidoo has a learning center that walks you through the whole process, SquidU.

-Jason Forthofer

Subtle Sells

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is the definition of subtle? According to answers.com here are a few:

  1. So slight as to be difficult to detect or describe; elusive:
  2. Characterized by skill or ingenuity;

Many times I hear potential affiliates say, “I don’t do affiliate programs because I don’t want to fill my blog or website with ads.” I couldn’t agree more with them. I own a few sites myself and feel a site with banner ads all over is just too loud. However, I think staying away from affiliate programs all together for that reason is a mistake. Why? One reason. Text links.

Banner ads come off as advertising (imagine that), while text links more of a recommendation. Thus…SUBTLE SELLS (unless you write it in all caps). If your site is content rich, try finding keywords in your articles that you can link to relevant affiliate products. See how that’s done:-) A visitor that is taking the time to read an article on your site is displaying a trust in you. How? Well, they are displaying enought trust in you by the fact that they are going to spend 5-10 minutes of their time reading your article(s). A subtle and strategically placed affiliate link can convert as well and many times better than a loud banner ad.

The Best Kind of Affiliate Link

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

As an affiliate, what is the best kind of link to use?

What a question. If more affiliates would listen to the answer of this question, they would make much more in commissions. I have nothing to back this claim up, but I would guarantee that hundreds of millions of affiliate commissions go unearned every year because the wrong kind of links are used.

The Answer
I did an analysis on our two sites (MyWeddingFavors.com, CornerStorkBabyGifts.com) and here were the conclusions I discovered. All of these conclusions are based on year-to-date.


  • For MyWeddingFavors.com, 7 of the top 10 performing links(EPC) were text links.
  • The top 3 links were all text links, and they were all coupon code (free shipping, 10% off, 5% off) related!
  • In addition, the conversion rates of these 3 links were over triple what the others came in at.

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  • Of the top 10 converting links for the year, 9 of them were text links!
  • The top converting link and most lucrative was a coupon related text link.
  • All but two of the top 10 links were either coupon related or were discount related (gifts under $50, affordable baby gifts, etc…) in some way.

In case you missed the point. The best converting affiliate links you can use are text links that offer a coupon code or mention some sort of discount. Here’s what I’ve discovered. Internet shoppers are looking for a deal. Anything that’s “in your face” such as large banners, they don’t believe. It screams obnoxious, scammer, etc… Text links they do believe. Subtle sells. A text link comes across as a recommendation. A text link mentioning a coupon code or discount turns your recommendation into a timely treasured secret.

Think about a time when you walked into Best Buy. If an employee walked up to you right when you walked in and said, “Hey, don’t tell anyone but if you buy a DVD today and tell the cashier SAVE10 when you checkout, she’ll give you 10% off.” Guess what, if that happened to me, I’m making a beeline to the movies.

- Jason Forthofer

About Your Affiliate Manager

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

With the start of our new Shops at 24Seven Affiliate Marketing Blog, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself and give you my background.

I have over 10 years of Internet Marketing experience. At 19, I started working in e-commerce for CBS Sports. I worked as an E-Commerce Producer for 4 years before moving onto Fairfield Resorts (Wyndham Resorts, Inc.). While at Fairfield Resorts, I managed their search engine marketing campaigns, SEO and e-mail marketing efforts. In addition, I created all of the banner ads and supporting web assets promoting Fairfields mini-vacation website.

In 2005, after 5 years, I left Fairfield Resorts to focus completely on my growing affiliate marketing business. For the next 2 years I would gain more small business experience and marketing strategies than the previous 8 years combined. In 2006 I earned over $250,000 in affiliate marketing revenue.

However, the landscape of web marketing changed and Google Adwords policies continued to make it more difficult for affiliate marketers. In September of 2007 I took this position (which I love) as Affiliate Manager for The Shops at 24Seven.

I encourage you to subscribe to The Shops at 24Seven Affiliate Blog. I have had both success and failure as an affiliate marketer. With the things I have learned (and continue to) I will be sharing with you here. I will be posting marketing ideas, introducing new products, and all happenings related to our programs. Whether your an affiliate of ours or not, the information we share here will be of value to you and your business.