Subtle Sells

Written by The Shops at 24Seven on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is the definition of subtle? According to here are a few:

  1. So slight as to be difficult to detect or describe; elusive:
  2. Characterized by skill or ingenuity;

Many times I hear potential affiliates say, “I don’t do affiliate programs because I don’t want to fill my blog or website with ads.” I couldn’t agree more with them. I own a few sites myself and feel a site with banner ads all over is just too loud. However, I think staying away from affiliate programs all together for that reason is a mistake. Why? One reason. Text links.

Banner ads come off as advertising (imagine that), while text links more of a recommendation. Thus…SUBTLE SELLS (unless you write it in all caps). If your site is content rich, try finding keywords in your articles that you can link to relevant affiliate products. See how that’s done:-) A visitor that is taking the time to read an article on your site is displaying a trust in you. How? Well, they are displaying enought trust in you by the fact that they are going to spend 5-10 minutes of their time reading your article(s). A subtle and strategically placed affiliate link can convert as well and many times better than a loud banner ad.

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    I'm just starting out in Affiliate marketing and think your blog is very informative and serves as a wonderful example. I made sure to subscribe to your feed. Thanks